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"Thanks for recognismg us," Kairuki tells China
TANZANIA'S Ambassador in China Mbelwa Kairuki has praised the East Asian nation for'citing'his country out of many African states which continue to benefit from its China Development Reform Funds (CDRF) especially in Trade, Investment and Industrial areas in foreign countries.
He said in the host country's report this year, the People's Republic of China (PRC) government have set priorities to pursue what it termed as 'Belt and Road Initiative and International Industrial Capacity Cooperation' to enable it 'develop' the earmarked countries and as well foster good relations between them.
Mr Kairuki said the scenario will see into it that Africa (read Tanzania) benefit in the reform programme and in turn make latter realise its dream of becoming a 'superpower house' for its people.
He said in the 'Belt and Road Initiative and International Industrial-Capacity Cooperation', a meeting will be called in May this year, which Tanzania will also be invited to attend as a participant to know how it is practiced.
The Ambassador said now China has a big population and produces many products to the extent that it wants to build other industries in other countries especially in Africa, adding that for that matter Tanzania has been chosen.
He pointed out that the country has already started coming up with some industries in Tanzania including the Steel Industries in Mlandizi in Coast Region,
"There are many other industries which they have built in our country like in the Textile, Cement, Agro processing ones, and they easily get local labour, market and plenty of land to expand," Mr Kairukti pointed out.
He said he was impressed by the report for it additionally highlighted how the countries they are developing are also improving their citizens lives with the programme.
In the report, the PRC Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang hinted how they will renovate six million houses in their country to help the locals living in cities and towns to have a good life.
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