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Since the launch of the Appointment for Visa Application Submission(AVAS) system in April 2019, it has come to our attention that at times, some applicants did not show up on the appointed date and time. Either negligently or intentionally, such absenteeism causes a waste of limited resources and unnecessary accumulation of applications. As the Embassy makes every effort to further streamline the visa appointment process, we hereby announce:

Effective immediately, if an applicant does not show up more than twice on the appointed date and time, he/she will be banned from applying for the Chinese visa for three months.

The Embassy kindly reminds that:

1. In case you have to cancel or reschedule the appointment, please do so at least one day in advance so that your canceled appointment slots could be open to other applicants who are in real need.

2. Please plan travel and visa application at least two weeks in advance and make sure all documents required are well prepared.

3. Except for emergency and humanitarian cases, any request for a prompt appointment earlier than that from AVAS will not be accepted. Buy your air ticket AFTER you get visa.



Embassy of the People's Republic of China

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

18th August, 2019

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