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Notice on the Issuance of Biometric Visas

In accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, the Embassy of the People's republic of China will issue biometric visas from 24 December, 2019. The applicants for Chinese visas are required to be personally present at the Embassy to leave all ten fingerprints. The following applicants could be exempted:

1.Applicants who are under age of 14 or over age of 70;

2.Applicants who hold diplomatic passports or who are eligible for diplomatic, service or courtesy visas;

3.Applicants who have applied for Chinese visa with the same passport during the past 5 years and whose fingerprints have already been collected.

4.Applicants who suffer from mutilation of all ten fingers or whose all ten fingerprints are illegible due to physical reasons.

Applicants should submit application in person and prepare all necessary documents as well as 2 passport photos.



Embassy of the People's Republic of China

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

23rd December, 2019

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