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Notice on Extension of Deadline for Submission of "China-Tanzania Friendship Records" Essay Writing Competition

April 4th, 2019


To solicit more essays and let more people have the chance to participate in the "China-Tanzania Friendship Records" Essay Writing Competition, the Embassy of China in Tanzania, after consultations with other organizers of the Competition, has decided to extend the deadline for submission to May 15th, 2019. Potential participants are welcome to submit their essays before the new deadline. We have made some revisions to the requirements of participating essays. The new requirements are as follows:


1. The author should be a Chinese or Tanzanian.


2. The essay should tell one or several real stories relating to China-Tanzania friendship.


3. The essays should be written in Chinese, Swahili or English.


4. The length of the essay should be less than or around 2,000 Chinese characters or 2,000 Swahili or English words.


5. Each participant shall submit only one piece of work with 3 photos or 1 video clip attached. The size of the photo should not exceed 5 MBand the video clip should not exceed 2 minutes. The photos and video clips should be related to the stories told in the essay and sent in separation with the essay.


6. All essays should be original, which have not been published before. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.


7All essays should be submitted in WORD format, with a title, text and a brief introduction of the author. The introduction of the author should not exceed 200 Chinese characters or Swahili, English words. It should include such information as the author's name, affiliation, date of birth, post address, email address and mobile phone number. The author's introduction should be put below the text in a separate paragraph.


8. The size and style of the letters in the essay should be: "Times New Roman, 15, bold type" for title; "Times New Roman, 13" for text; "Times New Roman, 12" for author's introduction. All lines should be single-spaced.


9. All participants should send their work to tanzania55zw@gmail.com via email, and the subject of the email should be marked with the words "Essay Writing Competition + Author's Name + Name of Author's Institution".


The organizers of the competition shall form a jury consisting of diplomats, scholars, journalists and public figures to select the best essays and award them with prizes. Participating essays will be divided into two or three groups according to the language they use. The first, second and third prize winners will be awarded with honor certificates and bonuses of Tsh. 300,000/-, Tsh. 200,000/- and Tsh. 100,000/- respectively. We will publish the award-winning essays on the official website, WeChat and Facebook accounts of the Embassy, The Oriental Post, Daily News and Habari Leo depending on circumstances.  


                                                        Embassy of the People's Republic of China  in the United Republic of Tanzania                     


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